‘Cloudworks’ is a new social networking tool devised by the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University. Its vision statement describes Cloudworks as ‘a site for finding, sharing and discussing learning and teaching ideas, experiences and issues.’ Cloudworks provides a space where people working together on a joint project, or with a common interest, can share ideas, information, resources and news.

We’re exploring ways of using Cloudworks for the new Open University MA module ‘Critical practice with children and young people (K802)’, which has its first presentation in October this year. As a way of getting to grips with Cloudworks, though, I decided to experiment with using it to share information about the research project that Sandy Ruxton and I are planning.

I’ve created two ‘Cloudscapes’ – one about the project as a whole, and one about the seminar we organised in May this year. Within each Cloudscape you can insert ‘Clouds’ – links, resources, etc. For example, in the seminar Cloudscape I’ve created a Cloud for each of the seminar papers.

Cloudworks is open and interactive. If you register as a user, you can contribute Clouds to any Cloudscape, or add comments or suggestions to existing Clouds.

You’re welcome to visit the site, have a look, and join in. Just follow these links:

Men, masculinities and working with boys

Questioning masculinities