A couple of links via the excellent Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKRWO) on Facebook:

First, a letter to The Independent, on the Rotherham abuse scandal,  from a number of Muslim organisations campaigning for women’s rights. Key quote:

The honour code has no place in this country: women and girls, regardless of background, culture, ethnicity, religion, lifestyle, or familial lineage, are of equal worth. Fortunately, there is an emerging generation of human rights activists in Britain – many of whom are young, female and secular-minded – who are campaigning hard against misogyny and patriarchy within our communities.

Second, an article by Haleh Esfandiari, herself a former prisoner of conscience in Iran, on the way cruelty towards women by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has been downplayed in media coverage. Key quote:

Volunteer fighters from around the world, including from Western countries, who have joined ISIS are complicit in these crimes against women. These young men who grew up in Western cultures seem to have absorbed nothing regarding the value of human life and respect for women. Why are there are no demonstrations in Western and Muslim societies against this barbaric onslaught on women and girls? How much longer will the Muslim and Arab world watch these horrors against women and children before speaking out and acting forcefully to protect them and rid the region of the ISIS calamity?