I’m currently chair of Critical Practice With Children and Young People (K802), one of two core modules in the Open University’s MA in Childhood and Youth. K802 is designed primarily for experienced practitioners who wish to progress professionally and academically, but it’s open to anyone with an interest in improving services for children, young people and their families. The module was first presented in 2010, but this year we’ve updated it to reflect changes in policy and practice that have taken place since then.


The latest presentation of the module began in October 2106 and we currently have about 60 students from a wide variety of practice backgrounds, from the UK and around the world.  K802  has its own public blog, where we share (admittedly fairly infrequent!) posts about the module.

Critical Practice With Children And Young People is taught mostly online, with links to a book co-edited by my former colleague Rachel Thomson, now Professor of Child and Youth Studies at Sussex University, and myself. The module also includes two specially-commissioned DVDs, made in collaboration with film-maker Susi Arnott. Rachel talks about one of the films in this promotional video:


We expect the module to run for another two years, so if you’re interested and want to find out more, follow this link to the relevant page on the Open University website.