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My name is Martin Robb and I’m a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at The Open University (UK). This is my ‘academic’ blog, a space where I share thoughts and reflections on my research and teaching. The views expressed are my own.

My research interests include fathering identities; men and childcare; and young masculinities. I was the principal investigator on Beyond Male Role Models, an ESRC-funded research project, in partnership with Action for Children, exploring gender identities and practices in work with young men.

I’m currently chair of Critical Practice with Children and Y0ung People (K802), a core module in the OU’s MA in Childhood and Youth. I’ve contributed to a wide range of other modules, mostly focused on work with children, young people and families. Before joining the Open University, I worked in community education projects with adults and young people.

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The title of the blog is a tribute to the seminal work, The Bonds of Love: psychoanalysis, feminism and the problem of domination, by  Jessica Benjamin.

Key quotation:

The changing social relations of gender have given us a glimpse of another world, of a space in which each sex can play the other and so accept difference by making it familiar. As we give greater value to…a more flexible acceptance of difference, we can see that difference is only truly established when it exists in tension with likeness, when we are able to recognise the other in ourselves. 

The image of a mother and son on the header is of a statue at City Hall, Philadelphia, USA. You can see the full size image here.

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